Visual PR: Here’s how to increase press release views by 1000-percent

May 31, 2016 PR NewsChannel

How do you increase your press release views by tenfold? Include multimedia content.
That's the finding of a new study of press release data by PR Newswire. The study examined data from thousands of press releases published in 2011 and 2012 to determine the impact of adding photos, videos and other downloadable content on levels of engagement with press releases.
The data shows:
-Simply adding a photo to a text-only press release increases visibility by 1.8 times -Adding a video to a text-only release delivers 4.3 times the number of views.
-Including both photo and video content further enhances a story, driving visibility by 7.4 times more than plain text releases.
The study also compared press releases with additional layers of assets including downloadable files such as PPTs, PDFs, and DOCs along with photos and videos. Although the number of such stories was fewer than those with just photos and videos, they received even more visibility and interaction, representing the potential for releases with photos, videos and downloadable files to drive up to 9.7 times more visibility over text-only releases, the study reported. "Photos, videos, infographics and other types of multimedia assets present information in a more compelling and attractive way so it's no surprise that they boost content visibility so significantly," said Rod Nicolson, vice president, global reporting, PR Newswire. "The volume of multimedia content distributed through PR Newswire is higher than it has ever been and it is extremely encouraging to see that our customers are embracing the power of multimedia to capture the attention of their audiences, build brand awareness and power content marketing initiatives."

Down the road at competing global newswire PR NewsChannel, editors and "PR Journalists" regularly preach the importance of adding multimedia content when speaking to clients, during presentations and at conferences across the United States.

"The press release is not dead it's been reinvented," says Glenn Selig (@glennselig), founder of PR NewsChannel. "The old school press release may be dead. The multimedia press release, or new school press release, is very much alive and thriving. It's amazing what can happen when you do it right."

Selig also points out that by adding multimedia to press releases you increase the number of people who will see your press release because search engines reward multimedia press releases with better placement.

"The more resourceful the search engines deem your press release to be the more they will reward you with better placement," says Selig. "And multimedia attachments, links or embeds are usually considered resourceful."

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