Three tips to creating winning press release headlines

June 09, 2016 Dave McCarthy

Face it: If your headline isn’t written well, media contacts are more than likely not going to continue reading your release.

Your headline needs to grab the readers’ attention and intrigue them enough to keep reading. And it needs to have some key words to assure proper placement in the search engines.

It should provide just the right amount of information so that the reader goes, “Tell me more!”

Here are three tips to writing a great headline for your press release:

  1. Keep it short. The longer the headline, the more likely you are going to lose the readers’ attention. So keep it short, sweet and simple. Bonus: If you keep the headline under 140 characters, it’s easy to share on Twitter!
  2. Focus on the main idea. In order to keep the headline short and intrigue your intended audience, make sure to concentrate on the main point of the release, whether it’s an event, new product launch, etc. Details, like dates and times, can follow in the press release.
  3. Use a keyword phrase. Including a commonly searched keyword like ‘best NY pizza’ in the headline helps your release’s placement in search engine results.

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