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SEO/Web Optimized Press Release Writing - Send Press Release

Our talented in-house team of PR Journalists are knowledgeable in a wide variety of professions and industries. They have the expertise in journalism and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is needed to create content that maximizes search engine value.

A well-written press release for SEO contains plenty of content that helps consumers and other audiences learn about a company so your products and services sell themselves and the press release sounds like a news story and not a sales pitch.

Writing a press release for the internet and for the search engines is an art. It has to sound good yet not robotic. And it needs to be done right because search engines are unforgiving (and so are some humans for that matter.). In fact, most search engines penalize articles that are "keyword stuffed." So it's vital that press releases are written in such a way that it brings content value, not work against it. Our PR Journalists know all of the tricks that search engines love... and hate.

A press release also is a great way to let media outlets–such as newspapers, radio and TV–know about you, your product or your business. A press release may help you get coverage by various media, which can increase your sales potential and boost your bottom line. A press release written by a PR NewsChannel PR Journalist is also direct-to-consumer, which means this properly created press release will also in essence do an “end-run” around the news media and go straight to the consumer!

What you get with an SEO/Web Optimized Press Release

  • After gathering all the necessary information, a professional and trained staff PR journalist crafts your press release
  • Press release includes keywords and key word phrases to optimize it for search engine results

Net result: Your release has a better chance of being found and read by journalists and potential customers!

Once you make this purchase, we’ll make contact with you within one business day to get this process started, and a PR Journalist will write your press release within 72 hours.


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