Twipitch - Send Press Release

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Celebrities, businesses and news organizations rely on Twitter to get the word out. Now, we offer an affordable way to help businesses incorporate a Twitter marketing strategy to promote a single press release distributed on PR NewsChannel. It's Twitter pitching, we call Twipitch.

MORE INFORMATION: This an add-on service to any press release distribution.

Here's how Twipich works: After your press release is distributed, PR NewsChannel will identify and then target social media influencers. Then we will strategically tweet about your press release to get buzz going about your product, business or book on Twitter.

PR NewsChannel Social Media desk will use trending topics and social media engagement strategies that include hashtags and @symbols to publicize a company's news and press release on Twitter.

PR NewsChannel believes this newly launched Twitter marketing strategy service is extremely beneficial to companies that are trying to boost their Twitter marketing strategy but do not have the time, know-how or budget to do it.

Two and three day Twipitch options available. 

Questions? Please contact our PR Newsroom at 888.399.5534 or via email at

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